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When is Earnest Money Due?

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Buying a home can be stressful, even more so when you aren’t quite sure when the money is due during the process. In this blog, I will break down what earnest money is and the role that it plays when you are buying a home. You will be better prepared and less anxious when the time comes to submit a [...]

11 Hidden Costs of Buying a Home

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Do not buy a home until you have taken into consideration the hidden costs that come along with it. You want to be sure that you are setting yourself up for financial success investing in a home, and not paving the way to being house poor. This blog will uncover the hidden costs of buying as well as how to prepare for [...]

Twin Cities Housing Market | January 2024 Update

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If you have been guilty of what I call the "zillow scroll," then this blog is for you. I will be digging into the housing market trends in the Twin Cities region for the month of January 2024, covering everything from sales prices & demand to market predictions over the next couple of [...]

Housing Market Predictions | 2024

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Are you freaked out about what this next year looks like for the housing market? I’m sure that you have seen new stories cluttering your pages either trying to paint a dismal picture of the future or others that are telling you that everything is daisies and [...]

Twin Cities Market Update | April 2023

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Are you aware of what is actually happening with homes in the Twin Cities now that the spring market is in full swing??

This blog will cover all the latest news including homes sales prices, inventory, demand trends & mortgage interest rates.


Im Bailey Beckman, a Twin Cities resident and local realtor that drives my business by data and real facts, not market assumptions and [...]

MN Housing Market Predictions | 2023

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If life has thrown you a couple of curve balls (engagement?! growing family?! new pet?!) you may be in a position to look for a new living situation in the Twin Cities here in 2023, but you have no fricken clue what the market has in store for the year and if it will be a smart decision to [...]

Twin Cities Housing Market | December 2022

If you are on the hunt for local housing market updates for the Twin Cities region, but are sick to death of everyone either trying to buy you or scare you, you are in the right place. This blog will recap the final month of 2022 using real data that is honest and to the [...]

Buying a House in Winter

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Are you looking to buy a home but are weighing the pros and cons of purchasing in the winter months?

There are plenty of reasons to not buy when there is over 12in of snow on the ground. And Minnesota winters can get pretty brutal,making moving that much more inconvenient. However, when you spend more time inside you are more likely to want [...]

Buying a House While Engaged

Congratulations on your engagement! You are not only planning a wedding, you are also planning your new lives together.

Purchasing a home is one of the first major steps that new couples take after their engagement or wedding. These can both be spendy steps in building a life together so you want to be sure to follow these 7 steps to reduce [...]

Whose Credit Score is Used on a Joint Mortgage?

So you are looking to buy a home with another person, but aren't sure whose credit score is used for the mortgage.

This is an important question during the financing process, especially if one person has a significantly lower score than the other. This blog shows how lenders calculate the credit score that will be used on the [...]

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