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Buying a House with a Dog

Are you looking for a home that's a perfect fit for you AND your dog?

In this blog, I cover 5 things that I wish I knew before buying a home with my dog, so that you can have a smoother transition during the process and not make the same mistakes that I did.


#1 - Invisible fences aren't great for puppy play dates.

When I purchased my first home, I had to reinstall my fence because my invisible fence just didn't work out for other dogs that came to visit. I would have saved time and money had I just bit-the-bullet and installed vinyl fencing from the start.

#2 - Plan Where You Will Place Your Dog's Crate.

If you are or plan to crate train your dog, take into consideration where you will put the crate and if it will fit. Several trainers recommend the crate stays in area that are heavily used by the family to make the puppy feel more comfortable. Dog crates take up a lot more space than I anticipated, so I had to make adjustments when we moved in.

#3- Look into pet licensing requirements in your area.

Several city's will require you to register your pet with the city office. It's fairly inexpensive (my town is $50 ever two years), but you can be fined if you don't have this taken care of.

#4- Durable, Low Maintenance Floors Are Gold.

Pets are known to destroy floors, so before you buy that brand new home, pay attention to the flooring that is installed. My home was a recent flip with beautiful faux wood flooring. Floor that scratches very easily. If I ever sell this home, I will have to replace a handful of the boards before hitting the market. Until then, I have to deal with rugs everywhere to help protect the floors a little better.

#5 - stay on top of your dog's training.

After I went through training classes with Ace, I felt confident letting him roam the backyard alone with access to the house from his doggy door while I did house chores. It was easy to get caught up in a project, not checking on him as frequently as I should have. He started to get into the habit of digging and barking at squirrels, so we had to retrain those behaviors. I wasnt proud of my lack of attention and had I known how easy it was to relax on my training, I would have been more attentive from the beginning.

Up next: Is your dog driving you a little crazy and needs to get some exercise to burn a little energy?

In my next blog, I will share the top 3 off-leash dog parks in the Twin Cities so that your dog can get the recommended amount of exercise and you will be able to relax while your dog is taking a long nap.

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