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Top Neighborhoods for Young Couples

Are you looking to buy a home in Minneapolis or the west metro but want to be sure to pick the neighborhood that is the best fit for you? Here are 5 of the top neighborhoods for young couples in the west Minneapolis area! I share my personal favorite neighborhood last, so read all the way through the article.


If we havent met before, Im Bailey Beckman a local Twin Cities realtor that specializes in first-time homebuyers. In fact, 82% of my clients in 2021 were first-time buyers!

First Up: Northeast Minneapolis

One of the top neighborhoods that I would recommend to young couples is Northeast Minneapolis. The neighborhood follows along the Mississippi River and is home to some of the most lively bars and restaurants in the city. Including:

Northeast is also close to wonderful theaters and has easy access to other Minneapolis neighborhoods.

The average sales price in 2021 was $273,879 in the Northeast neighborhood compared to $354,605 for all of Twin Cities, which makes this one of the more affordable areas to live for first-time buyers.

Next: Uptown, Minneapolis

Up next (in no particular order) is the Uptown neighborhood. Uptown is located just southwest of downtown Minneapolis, and boarders Lake Bede Maka Ska. This area has amazing summer evening energy with plenty of roof top bars such as Stellas. You will also love stopping to get ice cream and taking long walks on the trails around the lake.

The average purchase price for homes in this area in 2021 was $324,510

#3: The North Loop, Minneapolis

Another great neighborhood in the Minneapolis metro is the North Loop. It is located just on the southwest side of the Mississippi river. This area is great for those baseball fans as it is the home of the Twins Stadium.

There are great spots for live music and this neighborhood is also home to the first dog park/ brewery called Unleashed Hops and Hounds! You may recognize the name from one of my previous videos -> Best Dog Friendly Bars/Restaurants in the Twin Cities.

This area is more expensive than the Twin Cities average, but helps alleviate cost with access to public transportation and increased walkability. The average home price in 2021 was $431,639.

Next: St. Louis Park

Saint Louis Park is just outside of Minneapolis proper and is one of the first ring suburbs. This neighborhood is a great spot for young couples with plenty of shopping and restaurants.

You can also get out to enjoy the Minneapolis summer days on the bike trails and city parks. Homes are also more affordable averaging $345,803 in 2021.

My biased but personal favorite: Robbinsdale

The final neighborhood & my personal favorite is Robbinsdale. Full disclosure, I am biased because this is my home neighborhood.

Robbinsdale is just a short drive north-west of downtown Minneapolis and features a lovely small downtown of its own with local spots like:

Plus all of your parking is free. Homes are much more affordable in this neighborhood as well averaging $273,922 in 2021.

Now that you know a little bit more about these Minneapolis and metro neighborhoods, you will have an easier time selecting the right area for you! If youd like to learn more about what there is to do in these areas, check out the Meet Minneapolis city page to explore more Minneapolis neighborhoods!

My next article will be --> Top Date Nights in the Twin Cities (that aren't restaurants!)

If you are ready to make a move and would like to explore the homes available in the Twin Cities, feel free to set up a call with me on my online calendar.

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