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How to Make Your House Better for Trick-or-Treaters

Are you prepping for Halloween and want to be sure that you have the best set up for Trick or Treaters this year?!

In this post I will share a handful of tips that I have learned from my past mistakes with prepping for Halloween and will help make you the best house on the block this year.




When preparing for Trick-or-Treaters, one of the most important things to consider is safety. You wont be the best house on the block if anyone gets hurt or feels uncomfortable knocking on your door. Be sure to have a clear walking path from the street or sidewalk to your front door. Minnesota weather can be temperamental at the end of October, so if there is ice or freezing rain, be sure to keep the path well salted.

#2 - Have a Well Lit Front Door

You also want to make sure that your front door is well lit - this plays into safety, but it is also the signifier to parents that you are welcoming Trick-or-Treaters. If your light isnt on, they wont stop at your house.

#3 - Purchase the right amount of candy

Another tip to help you prepare for trick-or-treaters is to purchase the right amount of candy. I recommend connecting with your neighbors to see how much they purchase each year to help you plan accordingly. You dont want to run out of candy too soon, but you also dont want to have too much by the end of the night.

#4 - Get Dressed Up too!

If you are trying to be the best house on the block, I say have fun with it and get dressed up too! You dont have to have an elaborate costume to show trick-or-treaters that you are having fun with the night too. A simple witches hat or a silly pair of glasses with a mustache is all it takes.

#5 - Provide a Goodie for the Guardians

It is always fun to have something on hand for the parents too. Sure the kids are the primary focus of the night, but they wouldnt be able to be out and about without a guardian and I can bet that guardian would love a cup of hot cider.

#6 - Stick to a Go-To Treat/Gift EVERY Year

The best kept trick-or-treaters secret is to pick a go-to treat or gift that you stick to every single year.

When I was growing up, my parents would take us trick-or-treating in my grandparents neighborhood, where the local dentist also lived. Every single year he would hand out a tooth brush and his wife would pop around the corner with caramel apples. It was the most popular house on the block and I actually looked forward to getting a new tooth brush every year. Even as a kid!

With these tips, you are likely to be in the running for the best house on the block for trick-or-treaters!

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